This Is the Big Bang

by Tom the One

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released May 18, 2017

All songs written by Tom the One.
Guitar and vocals by Tom the One.
All words by Tom the One.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Eymannsberger in Simbach am Inn.
Photo on the front cover: Operation Crossroads Baker, United States Department of Defense



all rights reserved


Tom the One Salzburg, Austria

I'm a singer-songwriter from Salzburg, Austria and I play acoustic punk rock music.

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Track Name: Tabula Rasa
This is tabula rasa
This is infinite density
This is the calm before the storm
This is a splash of red on blank canvas
This is a fierce strike to an undressed stone
This is a battle cry at midnight
This is the first man with the first guitar
This is the big bang
Track Name: The Big Bang
Let this be the first words ever spoken
The first notes ever played
Let this be ground zero
A void to decorate

Let these chords be innovative
An unheard sound of rage
Like punk rock is a novelty
That I devised today

This is the Big Bang, the beginning
Forget everything you knew
Just imagine this is earth-shattering
Although it’s nothing new
Ohohoh it’s nothing new

Let this be the zenith of ten thousand
Years of human art
So that everyone will realize
How worthless humans are

Every night we die
And at dawn we’re born again
So every day is special
And full of excitement


Let everything be forgotten Ohohohoh
Focus on what you feel and not on what you know

Track Name: #YOLO
Today is the first day of the rest of your fucking life
What a great opportunity to sleep in and waste your time
Today is another step towards the moment you’re gonna die
What a perfect chance to stay in bed and cry

But don’t forget that you only live once
Never forget that you only live once
Don’t look back, seize the day and always do what you want

Today might be the greatest and the most exciting day of your life
You might achieve your goals but you won’t succeed if you don’t try
Today might be desatrous and I’m not here to tell you lies like everything’s gonna be alright
To live is more than to survive


Always do what you want
And if you don’t wanna leave your bed then don’t
But be shure you won’t look back in regret
When you suffer a sudden heart attack
An unexpected cardiac arrest

Or when you’re old
And you still got the goals you had
Twenty years ago
Like the countries you’ve never been to
And the novel you never wrote
And you can’t let it go


Track Name: Salmiakki vs. Obstler
I expected liquid candy to taste much better
But dammit, I was wrong
I should have known cause the Finns they like it bad
Cause bad is all they know

Like bad black metal bands, that crappy tango dance
Drunk librarians like Toni Kettinen
I wanna tour that land in a rundown van
But I will never drink Salmiakki again

Cause it tastes like salt and strangely sweet
It’s like medicine to me
It’s a vomit guarantee

And when a Finnish man visits a foreign land
He is totally glad to taste the local brands
When you’re in Austria you gotta drink Obstler
But Toni drank too much of that fruity schnaps

I said I really like your new EP
But your puking is off key
It’s Scandinavian disharmony

It depends on where you come from how much your stomach can endure
Of peculiar foreign fluids equally intense and obscure
When you grow up sipping liquid licorice
You get used to it

And when you spend your whole damn Alpine life enjoying fermented plums
A drinking spree with schnaps is gonna be fun
But when this priceless luck was refused to you
It’s time to puke

I woke up to a strange sound
But I’m glad that you have found
The bathroom of my house

Don’t worry about the stains
I’ll do the same for you one day
When I come to Helsinki
Track Name: Dancing in the Meatgrinder
The walls are cream-yellow, the light is dim
I don’t wanna fall asleep cause I don’t wanna wake up again
The cockroaches are fucking on the linoleum floor
And the walls are closing in

I stare at the cracks on the ceiling
I don’t know what they mean
Maybe they’re a metaphor for what I’m feeling
But I guess they don’t mean a thing

I wanna howl at the moon
But all I see are the neon lights of the whorehouses next door
I wanna sing this song to you
But the only ones who are listening are the hookers and the whores
With their high heels too high and their self-respect too low but at least they show some leg

I drink a beer or two
To forget your gorgeous eyes
But even if I drowned in a pool of whiskey
You’d still be on my mind

I drink a beer or two or three or
Four or five or six
Don’t wanna talk to any other girl
Cause you’re the only one who could fix my broken heart

Track Name: I Was a Teenage Escapist
Am I afraid of reality, or is it the other way round
I think the world is scared of me, I’m safe and sound but I can’t gain ground
No I can’t gain ground

Some days I feel like a pile of shit, I wanna quit and leave it all behind
I thought I’d be something by 26, won’t let my excuses run my life
Won’t let em ruin my life anymore

My throat is sore
But I keep yelling and begging for more
Of the same old shit that got me here before

We keep playing these familiar games and we’re running in circles again
We still got loads and loads of promises to break, so we’re not ready to give in
I still got songs to sing

One step forward and a giant jump back, you get used to this routine
Wondering where my life went off track, I go back to find out and come clean
Don’t wanna rinse and repeat anymore

My throat is sore
But I keep yelling and begging for more
Of the same old shit that got me here before

Am I afraid of reality, or is it the other way round
Am I afraid of reality, or is it the other way round
Despite our huge disparity, the both of us have found
A bit of common ground
Track Name: Mantra Mantra
I used to see her, I used to need her
But now I’m all alone
But that’s okay with me, I’m doing great, I’m free
Now that I’m on my own

And today I can say it with my head held high
Everything is perfect and alright

I used to cry a lot, I used to fuck shit up
My parents thought I was out of my mind
They paid me a therapist, so I didn’t slit my wrists
As you see it worked out fine


I used to drink too much, I used to sin and do drugs
I yearned for joy
I used to smoke too much, used to get high and fuck
But now I’m a good boy


Everything is perfect and alright
Everything is perfect and alright
Everything is perfect and alright

Track Name: Untitled #67
I get down on my knees and let my body hit the floor
I wonder where she is, but don’t really care no more
Cause now I’ve got these songs, I’ve got the ringing in my ears
The drums woke me up and made all memories disappear
It’s the reason I’m still here

So I exchanged a fucked-up mind and a broken heart
For a sore throat and a guitar
I will strum until my fingers bleed
Music’s the best therapy

Hey guys, don’t work so much and please stop canceling our shows
Let’s set up a tour, I’m ready to go
I wanna get in the van and sweat somewhere on a stage
“Maybe next summer,” is what they say, but I wanna play
Every single day

So I exchanged my Mesa amp and my Les Paul
For this beauty in my arms
I will strum until my fingers bleed
And tendonitis won’t stop me
Track Name: Stay in Bed Forever
It’s 8 am and you wake up
You look great without makeup
Your hair is shaggy but that’s cute
Fuck all porn stars, I want you

I wanna stay in bed forever
Just you and me together
I know you hate this cheesy love song crap
I know you hate it, so I better

Shut the fuck up now
Shut the fuck up now
Track Name: Thanks Joe
We never fall in love with people
We fall in love with ideas
Which are never real

We have the greatest expectations
And a giant fear
That our dreams might disappear

I’d do anything to please her
But she doesn’t give a fuck
She’s good to me once in a while
But that is not enough

We imagine perfect strangers
Based on a naive wish
But they don’t exist

We try to give all we have
And we deserve to get all the best
But all we get is shit

I’d do anything to please her
But she doesn’t give a fuck
She’s got the prettiest face
But I know this has to stop

Now every day when I wake up
I tell myself that me is all I’ve got
The day is mine
Thanx, Joe, for this advice

I did anything to please her
But she never gave a fuck
Wrote seven songs about her eyes
But now I’m giving up
Track Name: Cooler Than You
No birds on my chest
No anchor on my arm
No lighthouse, no ship
And no nautical star

No compass and wheel
No heart and no flame
No “Homeward Bound“
And no pin-up mermaid

No swallows and daggers and no bottles of booze
I was asked many times, but I always refused

I’ve got no tattoo
I’ve got no tattoo
I’ve got no tattoo
I’m cooler than you

No barcode on my neck
And no coordinates
No Roman numerals
And no children’s birth dates

No spider web on the head
And no infinity sign
No geometrical shape
And no big city skyline

No dots and no arrows, no hip typography
No painful removal and no laser therapy


I’m cooler than you
Cooler than you
I’m cooler than you
I’m cooler than you
Track Name: Rider on the (Shit) Storm
Every one of my lovesongs
Has potential to raise a shitstorm
Cause I’m a sexist bastard, that’s what they say
Cause I write songs about the girls I used to date

I could sing about racism, classism, politics
But all i sing about is chicks, chicks, chicks
Yeah I wonder what your problem is
Shut up an get a fucking life

If I could choose between world peace and a pretty girl
I’d load my gun and fuck

Every one of my lovesongs
Is not really a lovesong
Cause I’m a misogynist shithead, that’s what they’ll say
When they hear the new songs that I play

I could sing about war, gay rights, the economy
But all I sing about is lucid dreams
Have you ever heard of irony?
Don’t shit yourself, you cunt


In this shithole I was born
Vilified and torn
In this shithole I was born
Vilified and torn

In this shithole I was born
And now I’m riding on the storm